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Specialty Sponsorship:
Purple Passion Level

Specialty Sponsorship:
Caribbean Sun  Level

Tantalizing Teal 'Culinary' Collaboration

At #Girlfriendism, we are intentional about offering Sponsorship packages that will engage government agencies, for-profit, and non-profit organizations by providing access to support the retreat, events, and girlfriends, while balancing their team's interests and business budget. As such, we have designed three (3) levels of sponsorship with hopes that businesses - big or small and start-up to mature- are able to support the #Girlfriendism Retreat at a valuable level of engagemen

Benefits of   a   #Girlfriendism Sponsorships

Over the last ten (10) years, My Girlfriend's Closet (MGCSTX) has created an online community of followers who continue to be engaged through multiple platforms, including streamlined pages for each branch of Gilfriendism such as SoKh(R)Caribbean Dance Fitness. As such, much of the content is follower generated and shared by girlfriends organically creating a rippled effect within their spheres of influence, decreasing the degrees of separation between you and potential clients as well as increasing the opportunity to gain global reach.

With your sponsorship, your brand will have access, enhanced recognition, and increase online circulation by #Girlfriendism's online local, national & international community. Sponsorship entails a minimum of the following posts and/or campaigns: