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SoKh Caribbean Dance Fitness was born through a vision to offer a health and wellness experiences that represented Caribbean women and culture through movement, music and expression! As the primary brand of Girlfriendism Fitness, SoKh serves as an avenue for girlfriends to connect, dance, heal and grow collectively in wellness together!

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About SoKh: Pronounced, ‘So-Ka’, the name resembles the Caribbean music genre, Soca, while branding the creator’s initial – Kh – which represents the founder Khnuma. Born in 2008, SoKh Caribbean Dance Fitness, (also referred to as ‘Soca Aerobics’) represents the fitness brand under the Girlfriendism Campaign brand. It values the following principles: 

  • Feminine fitness is holistic and acknowledges the importance of physical, emotional, spiritual and social well-being. 

  • Fitness can be represented through different body types, physiques and appearances.

  • Women's bodies are expressions of God’s art. Creative movement is its canvas.

  • ALL Women Are Beautiful. ALL women, within the Caribbean and afar, are beautiful - naturally.

Therefore, SoKh promotes beauty from within and also recognizes the beauty of the natural essence of Caribbean islands, its food, its lifestyle, its culture, and most importantly, its people. 

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