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What is


Girlfriendism Defined:


1.  The Art of Being a Girlfriend.

2. Being a woman whose empowerment serves others.

3. A community of women who support women in business, friendship, and beyond!

4. A movement creating experiences for women in diverse industries including...

"It's truly heart-work, not hard work!"
Dr. Khnuma Simmonds


My Girlfriend's Closet (MGC) is a darling boutique with a mission to 'Empower women through fashion, faith, and friendship' by supporting, promoting, and collaborating with brands that are made by women, for women, and/or support women's causes.

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Whether it is through philanthropy, business, entrepreneurship, leadership, or advocacy, Girlfriendism invests in the community we serve. From nonprofit work to corporate training, it’s about investing in people.

Thank You for Celebrating with Us!

Holiday Hope & Happy Hour


Wellness is a culmination of mental, social, and physical health. Beauty is internal as much as it is external. SoKh Caribbean Dance Fitness celebrates Caribbean Women & Culture through Dance Fitness! We want you to feel good and look good!

SoKh Caribbean Dance Fitness


The Girlfriendism Retreat is an annual event that is hosted in honor of National Girlfriend's Day on August 1st with alternating locations between the U.S. Virgin Islands and a global destination.


Join our FB Live to hear our Bali/Thailand Itinerary 


Congrats to the girlfriends who took advantage of our subscriber only registration rates for Bali & Thailand!


We are beyond excited for this adventure and now that our girlfriends are taken care of, we are opening our registration to the public until November 15th with the regular rates.


If you know someone who may be interested in joining the tribe during this phenomenal retreat, have them tune in to our informational session hosted on Zoom FaceBook LIVE next week!


Thereafter, all registrations will close on November 15th, our waitlist will open and we'll be on to the next stage - countdown baby!