SoKh Shimmy - Bellydance 101 Summer Series - Coming in August! 

"There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish."
Michelle Obama





Fashion By Women, For Women!

My Girlfriend's Closet (MGCSTX) is a darling boutique on St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands and incubator of the 'Girlfriendism' concept. Its mission is to 'Empower women through fashion, faith and friendship' by supporting, promoting and collaborating with brands that are made by women, for women and/or support women's causes. Our brands are hand selected by the owner and supports women as near as St. Croix and Indianapolis and as far as Hawai'i and Kenya so when you shop at MGCSTX, you support girlfriends near and far in making their dreams come true - that's what we call #Girlfriendism!




Celebrating Caribbean Women & Culture through Dance Fitness!

SoKh Caribbean Dance Fitness was founded to 'Celebrate Caribbean Women and Culture through Dance Fitness!'. Whether you identify as a Caribbean woman or if you're 'Caribbean by Association', SoKh welcomes you to a Girlfriendism experience through a dance fitness class that gets physical, mental and social! At SoKh, we aren't concerned with your calorie count and waist shapers...we're concerned about how you feel about yourself!




Health and Wellness Workshops & Coaching

Connect, Heal & Grow!

Life is an ongoing journey of challenges, healing and growth! Join us for Girlfriendism wellness workshops lead by girlfriends who are experts in their field. Previous sessions (also referred to as 'Wisdom Walk Talks') have included the Art of Forgiveness by Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Brathwaite;  Sex, Science and Spirituality by Holistic Physician and Chiropractor, Dr. Micah McIntosh and vision boarding by Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Vanessa Ingrid Farrell. Join us for single sessions or a long term series and be inspired either way!






Building Business Together

Entrepreneurship has many benefits - including the freedom to create, grow and support the livelihood of others. It can also be scary, uncertain and overwhelming if you don't know where to start or who to talk to about your ideas without fear of your privacy being violated or your ideas judged. Whether you have a business idea that you haven't fully explored, a business plan draft that could use a pair of editing eyes or an existing venture in need of a makeover - our business and entrepreneurship services which are provided by certified coaches and seasoned entrepreneurs can support you in your endeavors!


Meet Our G-Retreat Platinum & Gold Sponsors

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The H.O.P.E. Initiative:

Helping Ordinary People Everyday through the arts and creative expression!

A Philanthropic Project of Girlfriendism

Girlfriendism is more than a is a lifestyle! Since 2011, My Girlfriend's Closet has hosted over 80 Girlfriendism socials for women of St. Croix at no cost to connect, network and experience a safe space to be authentic, accepted and celebrated! We've supported philanthropic causes such as the Yvonne A. Galiber Breast Cancer Foundation, fundraising efforts for community facilities such as the Juan F. Luis Mammography Center and cultural tours with women artists such as the Norma Krieger Collective of New York.


founder of

Girlfriendism & the H.O.P.E Initiative

In 2020, we are ecstatic to expand our brand so we can share in the holistic growth of our girlfriends through services offered by women of leadership in their field. One of these women is Khnuma Simmonds - the owner of My Girlfriend's Closet, Founder of SoKh Caribbean Dance Fitness and visionary behind Girlfriendism who also served as an advocate for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault for over seven years.  In an effort to continue this work and  hold space for healing from all forms of trauma, Girlfriendism H.O.P.E. will serve as the philanthropic project of Girlfriendism which aims to foster social impact and create social change by utilizing the arts to promote social justice, healing and empowerment for individuals, families and the community. 

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#Girlfriendism Defined:

1.  The Art of Being a Girlfriend

2. Being a woman whose empowerment serves others

3. A community of women who support women in business, friendship and beyond!

Inspired by the women of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands...Created for women all over the world!


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'From the unbreakable bond of four ordinary Crucian women on a little island called St. Croix,
emerged the extraordinary vision of Girlfriendism
that can bring joy to women around the world.


Only love could create such a thing.'

With gratitude to the 'original girlfriends' - Carmen, Xaulanda and Xauskya - and the Simmonds Siblings - El'Roy and Emmeline. - Khnuma, Owner